December 2


The peace you are seeking comes from a spiritual life connected to the Source of all peace. Sometimes we can think of our spiritual life as one more chore we just cannot find time for, but it might be more like a river, which is flowing all the time, whether we know it or not. 

Pause now and imagine a river. Is your river slow and lazy, gently moving and inviting? Or is it flowing with power and energy, coursing over boulders and churning up whitewater? Why do you think this image is yours today?

You can enjoy the river more if you pause to notice it, if you work to remove some of the obstacles of its flow. What are the obstacles between you and a more peaceful life?

When we pause for a bit, as you are doing now, when we get still and rest in prayer, when we make time for reflection, we find a different understanding. We don’t have to get it all just right; we don’t need to have the world be just right. We can trust in the gifts God is giving, even now. The river is flowing.