December 16


One day, when I was in sixth grade, the ground was covered in over a foot of perfect packing snow.  Our gym teachers took us outside, split us into two teams, and announced a snow sculpture contest.  There was a lot of excitement and shouting as we planned our sculpture -- an ambitious rendering of Snoopy on his doghouse.  I helped roll snow boulders down the hill, packing them solidly.  Phillip figured out how to jump on the boulders, placing his boots just so, to split them into blocks for the wall of the doghouse.  Others built the walls and balanced the roof, and soon we had our Snoopy resting on top of a four-foot house that you could actually go inside.  Scott was smoothing the blocks on the inside and noticed how the thick snow walls muffled all the outside sounds.  He insisted on taking each of us, one at a time, inside the little snow house to listen to the silence. 

How grateful I am to him for his leadership; that he knew, even as a child, that this was something important, this stillness in the midst of hard work and accomplishment. 

Who has been a leader for you, to help you pay attention to what is deep and important and true?