December 21

photograph by Al Crowcombe

photograph by Al Crowcombe

In this prayer, we draw upon what our heart already knows:  The goodness that we are meant to bear into our world.

o   Sit down at your table.

o   Hold your hands cupped together in front of you, as though you are sheltering a flower bud.

o   Lean down and whisper to the bud, a word about what this new life must bring into the world -- for example, "Hope" or "Peace" or "Justice" -- you will know what to ask for.  Feel the breath of your word filling your hands.

o   Let your cupped hands come down to rest on the table, and open them a little.  Now your hands are a nest for a fledgling bird.

o   Lift your hands gently to send the bird into the world.  Look up, and imagine your word spreading throughout the world. 

As you go through the rest of Advent, be aware that you are the keeper of this word. Hold it in your heart, letting it lift you up in your own life, and watching for ways you can share this goodness with others.