December 22

Steve Byrne boots.jpg

What is the longest distance you have ever walked? Think not only of the five or ten miles you might have enjoyed on a vacation hike, but also of a time you might have had to walk in the rain or the cold because your car broke down or your ride fell through. How did that stretch of walking feel in your body and in your heart?

Now imagine walking a long distance like that and then realizing you were heading in the wrong direction. Sit in that dejection or frustration as a prayerful exercise in the seriousness of repentance. Don’t leave that awareness too soon. Stay without anxiousness, simply observing.

Now imagine that a friend comes to walk alongside you, offering you an umbrella, or a pair of gloves, offering to take part of the burden you carry. Doesn’t the walk now feel less like punishment and more like a gift? That’s what forgiveness feels like. That’s what forgiveness is, and can be had any time, on any road.

Make this your prayer for today: Walk with us, Jesus, as we pass along these roads, again and again, searching for your way. Amen.