December 24


Tonight at Westminster Presbyterian we will have a service of lessons and carols. This service alternates a reading from scripture with the singing of a Christmas carol. We will start in Genesis 1, when God creates the world, and continue, through the words of the prophets and into the gospel story of the angel coming to Mary and the holy family going to Bethlehem, and the shepherds and the angels singing, "peace on earth, good will to all." 

It's a great story, the story of God coming to live as one of us. How would you tell that story? With prophecies or poets? With dance or art? 

The carols help us tell it in song, from O Come All Ye Faithful to Silent Night. What carols do you love? Do you love them for the way they tell part of the story, or for the music, or for the way singing the carol helps you remember how you first learned the story? 

We will also share together in The Lord's Supper in this service. Sharing bread and cup tells the story about how God chose the physical, material things of this word--like bread, like bodies--to gather us together into the body of Christ for the world. Can you see God's presence in the physical, in the ordinary? 

Our service starts at 7pm and you are welcome to join us in the music and in communion (our table is open to all).  In whatever way you celebrate the birth of Christ this year, may you hear the story anew, have your heart lifted in song, and feel the presence of the Holy One as you break bread.