An invitation to deepen your spiritual practice with an online course this January

Living from the Spiritual Heart:  An online course offered by the Shalem Institute

If you are looking for a way to deepen your spiritual practice, please consider signing up for this opportunity.  The 6 week course will take you through the cold days of January right up to the start of Lent.

The course will be offered in a combination of online material and local discussion group.  The online component consists of a weekly video lecture and guided meditation led by the Rev. Dr. Tilden Edwards, an Episcopal priest and author, with a focus on prayer practices that help us understand and respond to the world from our "spiritual heart", which is that place of deep knowing and communion with God that resides in each of us.

People who sign up for the course will view the video at home each week, and then come to a weekly discussion group at the church, facilitated by Katie Young, who is a graduate of the Shalem Institute's spiritual guidance program.