A Time to Share (Sunday July 27 and August 3)

For the past three months our Session has prayed and talked about what Westminster is becoming.  We have both hopes and plans for our future.  Now it is time to include everyone in the conversation.  Starting on Sunday July 27 during coffee hour following worship and on the following Sunday August 3, we invite everyone (that includes YOU) to share with us in small groups your hopes and ideas in response to two sets of questions.

First, describe the congregation that God is calling Westminster to be in the year 2020.  What does it look like, act like, who is there, how does it do what it does?

Second, what are your ideas for how the church can strengthen its ministry in four specific areas: (1.) Growth in active membership; (2.) Strengthened finance; (3.) Deeper engagement and participation in the life of the church by our members; and, (4.) Expanded mission beyond our congregation. 

Every one of us has some portion of the Spirit’s intention for our church.  In order for us to follow faithfully, we need to share together.  That means we need you.  Please come and share on July 27 and August 3 as we work together to fulfill God’s hope for Westminster.