Elaine's Mission Trip to Brazil

Elaine H. shares with us about her upcoming trip:

In less than a month, I will be leaving on what I believe will be a trip of a lifetime. Imagine yourself on a boat on the Amazon River in Brazil providing medical care to children in villages along the river. That’s what I will be doing. The boat looks similar to a riverboat that cruises on the Ohio River – a lower deck, a deck in the middle where all of the medical care is provided, and a deck on top if you want to sleep up there in the evening – not me! The rooms are actually air-conditioned and there is a galley and a cook who will prepare our meals.

I have never felt that God has actually “spoken” to me. At least I can’t remember a time when we had a conversation, but I always believe that He is there, helping me along and guiding me in a particular direction. However, last fall I received a call from a member of the First Church of Christ here in Xenia telling me about a mission trip scheduled to leave the day after Easter on a trip to Brazil. They needed a nurse with pediatric experience and thought I might be interested. Usually, I think about something before jumping into it headlong, but this time there was no thought. I just said, “Yes!” And I might add that I did so with a lot of enthusiasm! Was God “speaking” to me or was He just standing behind me shoving me? Maybe He was.

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