While We Wait

Advent is a season of beginning, of our expectant waiting for the Christ child to appear, born anew into our hearts. What we are celebrating at Christmas is the incarnation, a traditional doctrine which teaches that God took on human flesh and lived as one of us in order to reach out to all people with a message of grace and love. That idea, of God made flesh, is so huge we really can’t take it in all at once. So each Advent, we set aside four weeks to wait and watch and pray and ponder.

Most of us, honestly, aren’t very good at waiting. We value convenience and speed these days. We zap information into the air and it bounces our messages and transactions and cat pictures where we want them to go in mere seconds. We can have our groceries delivered and can deposit checks with our phone. Who knows what will come next that will make life more convenient?

But sometimes that very convenience makes us think we have to be in control, and that faster is better. Sometimes slow things, like planting a seed and watching it grow, are a good antidote to the pace of modern life. Prayer, conversation, acts of compassion are some of the ways we can slow down our lives and stay in touch with our deeper values.

Come join us as we practice waiting. We will light candles, pray, sing, and take our time as we wait for Christ to be born among us, in us, and for us.