Signs and Wonders

If you have driven by our church on Old Springfield Pike lately you have noticed that the sign says, “The Holy Spirit is on the loose!” Curious? We hoped so.

Recently we celebrated the special Sunday of Pentecost, the day in the church year some call the birthday of the Christian church, a day when the Holy Spirit was poured out on the assembled followers of Jesus after his resurrection. The Spirit inspired those believers to do amazing things: heal the sick, feed the poor, and create an intimate community where they shared their possessions and their spiritual lives. It was a time of intense questioning about what this Jesus movement was going to become, and the story told in the biblical Book of Acts about this period is like a theological action/adventure movie, with dramatic conflict, miracles, journeys, visions, imprisonments, shipwreck, conversions of enemies into friends and much, much more. It was a time when the barriers of who belonged got tested and broken down, a time of hope and more than a little anxiety. In fact, it was a time very much like now.

I am convinced that the current followers of Jesus are going through a time much like the book of Acts as we are confronted with questions that will define our time in history, often questions about who belongs and what wild and unpredictable things the Spirit might be asking us to do in order to spread the love and mercy of God in the world God loves.

Over the last few weeks we have been reading the books of Acts in our weekly Bible study on Wednesdays at 11am, and in worship on Sunday mornings. If you are curious about what the Spirit might be doing on Old Springfield Pike, you are welcome to drop in and check it out.