The Many Voices of God

On Reformation Sunday Westminster had a Homecoming Service. Former members, children who had grown up in Westminster’s loving arms, former pastors, and friends of the congregation  were all given special invitations  to attend.

Recently we had gone through several years without a Pastor. During this time we had an interim pastor, pastors who “filled in” on Sunday mornings, a moderator appointed by the Presbytery to guide our PNC and Session as we searched for a pastor, and finally a pastor elected by the congregation to serve a two-thirds position.

Many of these pastors joined us and participated in this special Homecoming Celebration. They had all answered affirmatively to the command of Jesus “ feed my  sheep”!

As I looked at them, I could remember the ways in which they had each “fed” us. While I listened to this variety of male and female voices, I recognized they each spoke from their hearts with assurance about God’s love, acceptance, and forgiveness- not necessarily in the actual words they used but in the manner in which they spoke. The sound of their voices resonated the faith which  lives in the center of their being. We give thanks today for all those who have dedicated their lives to “speak for God”.

We recognize that we can constantly choose to “speak for God” through our actions in our relationships with each other and toward all of creation. We pray that the sound of our voices and the results of our actions reflect God’s love, acceptance and forgiveness.

-- Sandra Middleton