Potholes. Just the mention of the word sends a shiver down the spine, doesn’t it? Anybody who has experienced a spring in Ohio knows that along with songbirds and burgeoning greenery come…potholes. Those missing chunks of road and really mess with both your car and your driving habits. Looking ahead of you and seeing the cars swerve, you know to swerve too—or risk your cars suspension. You even find yourself steering around the potholes you know are there without even thinking about it; it has become the pattern of your driving.

Have you ever noticed that our lives have potholes, too? Sometimes these holes are the result of misunderstandings gone too long uncorrected. Others are the results of unhealthful habits too long indulged. Still others may be holes left in our lives that we always meant to fill in with positive personal improvements such as regular meditation, prayer, or Bible study. But no matter what the cause of our personal potholes, we have long ago adjusted the way we drive our lives to avoid them, even if the resulting odd, erratic path doesn’t serve our best interests.

There’s an awful lot that we don’t know about this life’s journey we’re all on, but there is one thing we do know: God wants us to be the best people we can be. He knows we’re not perfect (he made us, after all), but he knows that there is always room for improvement and he will always have our backs as we go through the vulnerability that leads us to personal and spiritual growth.

As we watch our road crews diligently filling in the potholes in our roads so that we can drive a straight path once again, maybe we should consider filling in some of our personal potholes so we can live in a bit straighter path. Are you game? At the very least, you know your church family will also have your back as you work on it. Because we are family. Because we are quirky. Because we are Westminster.

Shirley Richardson-McCourt