Some thoughts from our former choir director

An excerpt from the 2016 Chancel Choir Annual Report, by William Henry Caldwell

"After you've done all you can, you just stand."  These are the lyrics from a very popular and powerful contemporary gospel song by Donnie McClurkin titled Stand.  For me it describes perfectly what life at Westminster has been about this year.

When situations looked bleak and dim, presenting all kinds of negative challenges, some of us, like investment bankers, seized the "down" time as an opportunity.  This year we demonstrated that we are spiritual warriors and soldiers in the army of the Lord ready to do "the will of the Lord" in spite of the challenges, and we seized our current situation as an opportunity.  With that being said, nothing pleased me more than when I learned a committee would be established to hire a new minister to serve with us at Westminster.  My soul and spirit rejoiced because I could not fathom Westminster, a congregation that has demonstrated so much love through the years, and where I served as choir director, closing its doors.  Love can't be locked up.